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Fuerteventura Motorbikes the best way to explore the island

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Riding in Fuerteventura

Motorcycles in Fuerteventura the island of the great straight roads and the sun


How many times you've dreamed of enjoying a sunny day the motorbike in a smooth asphalt road and new.


Well, this dream can come true in Fuerteventura, with sun and good weather almost all year round in this beautiful island where you will enjoy your holiday and motorcycle, with an average temperature of 23 degrees throughout the year, will accompany your visit a pleasant sun, with modern roads that offer excellent grip, comfortable and well marked, no doubt a vast network of roads to explore every corner of Fuerteventura.

The bearings in Fuerteventura is very easy, especially if you have a quality map, such as, is a breeze because there are few roads that cross the island from north to south and are very well marked, and from Morro Jable , which is the southernmost population of Fuerteventura, Corralejo up, located in the far north, you have an approximate distance of 117 km you can go on the road FV-1 FV-2 and these roads are wide double direction, but which already includes some sections of modern highways where you can give some joy to the throttle.

This route you'll be amazed by some of the magnificent landscapes that will cross the sense of space and open space that offers Fuerteventura and long straights that are lost in the horizon, accompanied by soft and long curves that will make you enjoy the tour.

We look forward to an ambitious project that is being done already in Fuerteventura, a large and modern highway linking the island from north to south, no doubt many motorists majoreros be dreaming of the day of the inauguration.

Another option to travel by motorcycle Fuerteventura are the roads inside and VF-20 where you can visit beautiful villages of the island, many of them have nice places to stop and enjoy the friendliness of its inhabitants.

Also note the mountain road FV-30 where you can visit the oldest towns of the island, find amazing viewpoints like the top of Betancuria and the best corners of the island, this winding route of about 35 km some will rise to the maximum temperature of your tires.

There are many emotions and surprises that will provide the island of Fuerteventura, please make motorcycle trips and explore your territory, you can find many motorcycle rental businesses on the island, with an ample supply of all types of displacements to suit their needs.

If properly planned tours, you can explore the entire island of Fuerteventura in bike in about 3 days, would be 4 or 5 days with excursions quietest when you want to make stops to enjoy the beaches or the great gastronomic offer. You might also consider the option of visiting the neighboring island of Lanzarote on a bike, you can reach it with one of the ferries that leave from Corralejo, Lanzarote bring him up in just about 15 min.

If you like to excursines motorcycle and enjoying the good weather, Fuerteventura is the island for holidays in bike, visit us.


Article by Javier Nieves

Last Updated on Sunday, 25 May 2014 22:42  

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