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Explore the North from Fuerteventura, planning your trip, tour or excursion in the island

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Explore the North from Fuerteventura, planning your trip, tour or excursion in the island

Here is a possible option of trip to visit the North of Fuerteventura, you can rent a car and discover beautiful places on the island.

This route sets out from Corralejo, an important tourist area in the North of Fuerteventura with magnificant beaches and lovely scenery. Taking the Island's inland road, we arrive in Lajares, a village famous for its hand-embroidered crafts. About seven kilometres towards the centre, we find El Cotillo, a sea village with numerous, cosy beaches, on one of which stands the fortress of Tostón, a watchtower that guarded against pirate attacks. Returning along the same road to Lajares, and taking the direction towards the centre of the Island, we find La Oliva, which was the capital of the former Maxorata and holds a valuable archaeological legacy that is on display in the Museum of Betancuria. Within its 18th Century pictorial-architectural heriage, we can admire the church, particularly its square tower made out of local stone. Other interesting features include La Cilla House, a museum that houses the Island's agricultural history, and the Colonel's House, built in colonial style. Passing through Tindaya, the mountain of Tindaya can be seen from the road, a sacred place for the aborigines, where important archaeological remains - such as footprint petroglyphs - are found. Continuing the route along the main road, we can observe to the right Montaña Quermada (Burnt Mountain), with its mounument to Unamuno. Further along we find Tefía, where one can stop to visit the Ecomuseum of La Alcogida, a craft village with houses representative of the traditional architecture of the Island. From La Matilla and the valley of Tetir, especially picturesque, we arrive at Puerto Rosario, the Island's capital and commercial centre. The Casa de Cultura (Cultural House), the Juan Ismael Room and the Museum House of Unamuno, are places of interest recommended to visit. Retuning to Corralejo by the coast road, the route goes through the Natural Park of the Dunes of Corralejo, with its unique landscape of striking beauty.

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