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Cofete Beach (barlovento) in Fuerteventura

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It is a beach that not everyone dares to go, the access is not comfortable and you must travel a long distance on a dirt tracks, safe, but uncomfortable for tourism, we must first reach the village of Morro Jable, head towards the commercial dock, just before reaching the dock, go down a slope, you are on the right with a dirt track, this is the access to be taken, after traveling about 11 km your find a wide track on the right, for 1.5 km that rises to the top of the Moro Mountain 230mt of altitude, here you can enjoy an amazing panoramic view of the beach, we started the descent which stretches about 5 miles of sinuous curves up to a small shanty town with a small bar, after 1 km your come to the beach.


You can navigate in this map

Undoubtedly one of the most impressive of the island and maybe in Europe because of its size, its powerful sea and is unspoiled, has golden sand and is about 8 km long, its forbidden by cars, so your have to park in the arrival area and walk to see the views, sure to be an unforgettable memory, it is very dangerous for swimming because of its strong currents, very common in the North Sea, so if you decide to swim, never lose contact with the shoreline ,"There are no lifeguards. "Also note a monument to be found grazing in the slums and of course, the famous House of Winter which can be reached by dirt tracks.



It is an un spoilt beach, without any services, only the shanty town there on arrival, you should bring supplies if you want to spend the day there its not easy to find help in a place like this, if your car gets buried in the sand, or just if you forget to bring water ... enjoy this beach, and no littering please.


Article by Javier Nieves

Last Updated on Tuesday, 06 May 2014 11:33  

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