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Fuerteventura County of Pájara

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Municipality of Pájara
Logo of Pájara


It is the northern most municipality of the Island and the largest of the Canary Islands.

It has the largest expanse of beaches in the archipelago, with "only" 28 km long on the beach at Sotavento, which would add the various coves and Cofete within the natural park of the same name. Inhabit only the world of himself thus "de Jandia Cardoncillo" (Euphorbia handiensis).
Though now its main activities are tourism and agriculture to a lesser extent, the area has kept alive the sheepherding practice of the "apañadas" collaboration involving the neighborhood to collect the cattle and branding costs.
The best conditions of the beaches in terms of wind, the nature of one of the most spe cial beaches, the virtual absence of waves, and the excellent temperatures recorded throughout the year, make this area one of the best worldwide for windsurfing, so much so that in the end it is home to professional World Championships.
On the fishing highlights two locations, Ajui and Morro Jable. The first for its exquisite taste of the sea, coupled with the fact that with the "Puerto de la Peña", the disembarkation point for Hispanic conquerors, are located on the islands only place where you can see fragments of African continental plate, make the town a unique place. And the second being the original center of the resort on the island, despite which has kept all the local color of traditional gastronomy.

Interesting places to visit:

  • - Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Regla (Pájara).
  • - Parque Tematico La Lajita "Oasis Park".
  • - Ermita de San Antonio de Pauda (Toto).
  • - Yacimiento de Matas Blancas (Matas Blancas).
  • - Cuevas de Ajuy.

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