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Why advertise with

You may choose to advertise on our map or our website.

Our map:

Mapas gratuitos de

Our FREE distribution map is one of the most complete and updated, available on the market.
You don't need to worry for each edition is revised, updated and the information which always appears in it, all the innovations and improvements that will benefit both the company announced to the client.

Also we try to follow the suggestions of our users, who give us their concerns and help us improve, so our sincere thanks from us for their contributions.

You can send us any suggestions to our email and we will be glad to help.

The receptions of the hotels and car rentals, motorbikes and bicycle hire as well as tourist information offices, distributors are our most consistent, as our map has become a very useful tool to help tourists to plan how they can explore the island and the area where they are staying.

We must also highlight the displays placed on public roads. They often include a stand with an impression of our large format flat, being very appealing to pedestrians because they are invited to stand, and remove to consult a map.

Here are some examples:

Display Rent a car in the Tropic

Display in the marina at Restaurant Camarote

Display at the bar The Office

Display at the shopping center Atlantic

More over we distribute a large number of maps in many businesses as they also considered necessary to resolve any questions or explain things in the area to its customers.

Mapas gratuitos de www.myguide.esWe can say in favor of our map is one of the most useful products you can find a tourist who visits the Island. They use it as a reference when planning activities and sites to be visited during their stay and the most important thing is that they carry it with them throughout their holiday to consult continuously.

By placing your business, get the tourists to know that this and the service offered on it may be an option in the planning of their activities during their holidays.

When you ask for our prices, please recognize already that of the thousands of tourists each month enjoy their holiday in Fuerteventura with our myguide map, you only need one or two to visit you with our announcement to offset the cost it is very easy redeem your investment. The rest of the visits of the month will benefit your company.

The prices includes the visit of the commercial, a photo of the business or its products (the photos are free for the ad, but owned by myguide, if you want you can buy separately), the graphic design of your ad with the possibility to correct it once and post on our map.

For front and back cover should consult with us and join the waiting list.

Our Website:

Mapas gratuitos de www.myguide.esThe website is our newest product, but certainly with better prospects. We grow in a advisable manner, including information on our website top quality and increasing our visits every month.

With this service you can extend your ad information in the map with text, photos, videos and include all your contact information and links.

This allows you to promote your business get the tourists who plan their visit to the island of Fuerteventura, as more and more are looking for good information on the Internet before deciding on their destination or seeking information after confirming their trip.

Including your business on the web can get a presence on the Internet in a professional or promote your site with direct links.

When you ask for our prices Please note that, of the millions of tourists each month seeking information on Fuerteventura online and visit our web will have many options that you know and visit with our ad . It is very easy to redeem your investment. Promoted to new technologies is now a guarantee of benefits for you and your business.

Here are a list of our rates as references. Prices are per month, although the annual contract will be:

Right Side Ad:

These ads are displayed randomly and giving priority to key words or sections of the site you visit. Includes a photo and a text 120x90pix 150 characters with a link to your site or our dedicated page.

Dedicated page:

This option consists of a page exclusively for your business, every category links to it. Includes photo header, unlimited text about your business or activity, a gallery of 10 photos (they will tread with a watermark), 1 player video linked from the page, all contact information, external links to Web 1 (its web, youtube, facebook, Twitter ...). The page layout is free.

Example Dedicated page on: Crines del Viento



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